Ten Times Wins Slots

Ten Times Wins Slots is a fabulous, easy-to-play, and brightly colorful slots game by Rival Gaming. This online and mobile delight is easily accessible through any Rival supporting online or mobile casino with no need to download. The game is free to try out and free to play. Betting options suit all levels and allow up to three coins per bet across the game's three reels and three paylines. The maximum bet possible is $45 given for a three-coin bet.

Symbols and Winning Opportunities in Ten Times Wins Slots

The Ten Times Wins Slots paytable details all winning options and includes details on the wild symbol. Symbols include red, green, and blue sevens with triple, double, single bars and cherries. The game is very straightforward, and lining up identical symbols on one of the paylines awards a payout. The highest payout is given for three of the 10x symbols, the game's logo. For example, with a three-coin bet, 5000 coins are awarded, a two-coin bet awards 3000 coins, and a single coin bet gives players 1500 coins. The 10x symbol is also wild and used to complete payouts. When used in a payline, the 10x multiplier comes into effect, giving players extra payouts and bonuses. Ten Times Wins slots give players a 94.75% return to the player over time.